Resources for 4-H Curriculum and Delivery

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
4-H Youth Member Enrollment (long form) May 4, 2021 388-002 (4H-954NP)
Exprésese! Presentaciones y Hablar en Público (Express Yourself! Public Speaking and Presentations) Mar 16, 2022 388-028 (4H-833S)
Presentaciones de 4-H (4-H Presentations) Mar 15, 2022 388-056S (4H-834S)
4-H Presentations Tip Sheet Feb 1, 2021 388-061(4H-419NP)
Virginia Cooperative Extension Guide to Virginia 4-H Programming Resources Oct 15, 2015 4H-529NP
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide- Electric Energy Challenge Apr 6, 2021 4H-588NP
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide- Arc Welding Jun 29, 2021 4H-595NP
Grass, Goats, and Uninvited Guests! Oct 21, 2022 4H-876P
Drone the Unknown Feb 28, 2022 4H-895P
Do I Still Use the Gavel if It's a Virtual Meeting? Tips for Successful Meetings and Parliamentary Procedures in the Age of Zoom Apr 15, 2020 4H-903NP
Members should also enroll in the Horse Management project and keep an accurate and up-to-date management record. Participate in the riding series is strictly on an elective basis. The riding projects should be closely supervised by a horse project leader. Numerous standard references may be used for completing the diagrams, questions, etc. Members should have the basic equipment for riding and the use of a suitable riding animal.
Jul 19, 2021 406-053 (4H-559P)
Understanding and Developing an Agribusiness Dec 20, 2018 ALCE-176P
Understanding Business Structures, Markets, and Risk Management Strategies Apr 3, 2019 ALCE-177
An Introduction to Precision Agriculture: An Educator's Guide to Agricultural Earth Observation Dec 5, 2022 CNRE-142P
sUAS Manual Flight Exercises Dec 5, 2022 CNRE-149P