Resources for 4-H Curriculum and Delivery

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Virginia 4-H Camping Handbook Mar 6, 2015 388-562 (4H-401NP)
Virginia Cooperative Extension Guide to Virginia 4-H Programming Resources Oct 15, 2015 4H-529NP
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide- Electric Energy Challenge Apr 27, 2016 4H-588NP
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide- Arc Welding Apr 27, 2016 4H-595NP
Compilation of 4-H Curriculum and Resources Teen Leadership and Development Dec 9, 2016 4H-706NP
Making a Boat Jun 21, 2017 4H-761NP
The Science of Flotation Nov 1, 2017 4H-762NP
The History of Water Travel Jun 21, 2017 4H-763NP
Grass, Goats, and Uninvited Guests! Apr 24, 2020 4H-876P
Do I Still Use the Gavel if It's a Virtual Meeting? Tips for Successful Meetings and Parliamentary Procedures in the Age of Zoom Apr 15, 2020 4H-903NP
Understanding and Developing an Agribusiness Dec 20, 2018 ALCE-176P
Understanding Business Structures, Markets, and Risk Management Strategies Apr 3, 2019 ALCE-177