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Question and Answer Guide for Starting and Growing Your Small Business
The authors initially developed this guide as a resource for participants in Entrepreneur Express Workshops. Offered throughout the commonwealth, Entrepreneur Express Workshops provided basic information on starting and operating a small business. The VDBA, VCE, VTC, Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs), SCORE, and various local governments and chambers of commerce partnered to develop and implement these workshops. More information on workshop dates, locations, and registration information for these and other events is available at
Nov 5, 2013 310-100 (CV-33P)
Community Engagement
A local leader, public official, or planner generates an idea and prepares to launch it into action. It soon becomes clear that a key ingredient is missing: the support and ideas of the impacted community. This scenario is not uncommon and is often associated with a plan that will fail.
Sep 10, 2014 CV-38P
Starting a Food Business: Before You Get Started as a Food Entrepreneur Apr 19, 2019 FST-48NP
Starting a Food Business: Insurance Coverage for Food Entrepreneurs Apr 19, 2019 FST-49NP
Starting a Food Business: Marketing Considerations for Small Food Processors Apr 22, 2019 FST-50NP
Starting a Food Business: Preparing a Food Processing Business Plan Apr 22, 2019 FST-51NP
Starting a Food Business: Registering and Licensing Your Food Business Apr 22, 2019 FST-52NP