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4H Forestry Tree Planting Project Book Jan 2, 2024 420-025 (4H-823P)
Tree Identification Contest #1 Jan 2, 2024 420-066
Grading Key - Tree Identification Contest #1 Jan 2, 2024 420-067
Virginia 4-H Pine Seedling Project May 1, 2009 420-068
Trees In Your Backyard May 1, 2009 420-070
GRADING KEY - Tree Identification Contest #2 Jan 2, 2024 420-400
Tree Identification Contest #2 Jan 2, 2024 420-401
Managing Human-Wildlife Interactions: Woodchuck (Marmota monax) Nov 8, 2022 CNRE-159P
Managing Human-Wildlife Interactions: Coyote (Canis latrans)
Because of the coyote's versatility, adaptability, and its current wide distribution throughout Virginia, the likelihood of encountering a coyote is real. Thus, residents of the Commonwealth should become more aware and informed about the traits and behaviors of this species to avoid undesirable interactions. This publication provides basic information about the coyote, its expected and normal behaviors and other life history aspects, and suggestions on how to minimize or avoid problems that can arise from our interactions with this fascinating creature.
Aug 15, 2023 CNRE-172P
4-H Virtual Forest May 19, 2009