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Resources for Climate Change

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
On-Farm Energy Management and Renewable Energy Aug 17, 2022 AAEC-299NP
Communicating Climate Change to Agricultural Audiences
The objectives of this publication are (1) to outline some climate-related challenges facing agriculture, (2) to address challenges in communicating climate change issues, and (3) to propose best practices when attempting to communicate climate change issues to agricultural stakeholders. Extension educators and agricultural service providers can use the information presented here to develop outreach and educational programs focused on the impacts of climate change, the effects of climate change on agricultural production, and the best ways to motivate behavior change.
Mar 3, 2022 BSE-203P (BSE-344NP)
An Overview of Forest Carbon Credit Programs in Virginia
Woodland owners increasingly hear about opportunities to earn income by participating in emerging forest carbon markets. This publication provides an overview of these markets and introduces the carbon credit programs operating in Virginia. This information is intended to help Virginia’s woodland owners decide if taking part in a forest carbon credit program is a good fit for their management objectives.
Apr 10, 2024 CNRE-177P
October 2022 Dairy Pipeline Sep 30, 2022 DASC-153NP