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Resources for 4-H Enrollment

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
4-H Group Enrollment
4-H Group Enrollment Form for authorized programs/events, in-school clubs, and military clubs.
May 20, 2021 388-001 (4H-1021NP)
4-H Youth Member Enrollment (short form)
4-H Member Enrollment SHORT FORM
May 3, 2021 388-002-2 (4H-955NP)
4-H Youth Member Enrollment (long form) May 4, 2021 388-002 (4H-954NP)
Inscripción Para Miembros de 4-H (4-H Youth Member Enrollment Form) Sep 16, 2021 388-002S (4H-965NP) and 388-002s (4H-472s)
4-H Volunteer Application/Enrollment - Long Form VA-114 Jun 24, 2020 388-003 (4H-904NP)
Aplicación/Registro Para Voluntario de 4-H (4-H Volunteer Application/Enrollment VA-114) Feb 18, 2021 388-003S (4H-949NP)
4-H One Time/Occasional Volunteer Form Dec 5, 2022 388-004 (4H-758NP)
4-H Group Enrollment Summery Jun 9, 2016 388-005 (4H-631)
Parent Interest List - 4-H Parent Inventory Card Apr 9, 2021 388-006 (4H-587)
4-H Event Medication Form Mar 23, 2021 388-036 (4H-947NP)
Formulario de Medicamentos Evento 4-H (4-H Event Medication Form) Apr 22, 2022 388-036S (4H-985)
Standards of Behavior for Virginia 4-H Volunteers
Trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship are the six core ethical values which the CHARACTER COUNTS! program calls the “Six Pillars of Character.” These values reflect those of the Virginia 4-H program and each 4-H member, volunteer, and staff member should strive to practice these values. The following standards for 4-H volunteers identify how these values will be reflected in volunteer performance. These standards help to ensure the safety and well-being of all 4-H participants and the integrity of the 4-H program.
Aug 19, 2021 388-044 (4H-962NP)
4-H Volunteer Profile Sep 28, 2020 388-123 (4H-466NP)
4H Membership Card Oct 14, 2016 388-178 (4H-682)
4-H Health History Report Form Sep 2, 2020 388-906 (4H-924NP)
Virginia 4-H Standardized Code of Conduct For 4-H Programs/Events Aug 18, 2021 4H-164 (4H-963NP)
4-H Portfolio Tip Sheet Apr 4, 2022 4H-749NP
Unit Representatives Form Nov 2, 2023 4H-819
4-H Online 2.0 Project Descriptions Tip Sheet Apr 29, 2021 4H-957NP
4-H Opportunity for All May 11, 2022 4H-987NP
Virginia 4-H Family Handbook Sep 28, 2022 4H-989P
4-H Camp Participant Early Release and Withdrawal Form Sep 30, 2022 4H-994NP
One Time/Occasional Volunteer Application/Enrollment Short Form VA-114S Jan 4, 2023 490-800 (VCE-1135NP)
Volunteer Application/Enrollment Long Form VA-114 Jan 4, 2023 490-801 (VCE-1136NP)