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Vineyard Financial Calculator
The Vineyard Financial Calculator is an educational tool that is useful for comparing the financial performance of different vineyard operational scenarios. This tool's intended user is an individual or organization exploring the financial requirements of vineyard establishment and operation in Virginia. The tool was designed to forecast the approximate pretax annual cash inflows and outflows of a vineyard − information required to build a business prospectus. Users can modify certain input variables, such as vineyard size and labor costs, as well as outputs, such as crop level, to tailor the projections to personal expectations. The VFC is only a predictive tool; actual results could vary from those predicted due to site conditions, variances in costs, or unanticipated gains or losses. This tool was created in 2016 and originally published in 2017. The principals with which this tool operates are still valid, but the raw material prices may have changed.
Sep 23, 2022 AREC-188NP (SPES-424NP)
VCE Ag Today: Vineyard Update Apr 12, 2021 VCE-1027-9NP