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A Spreadsheet-Based Soil Test Converter for Turfgrass Professionals and Nutrient Management Planning in Virginia - Workbook



Authors as Published

Chantel Wilson, Assistant Professor and 4-H STEAM Extension Specialist, College of Agriculture, Virginia State University, and Michael Goatley Jr., Professor & Extension Specialist, School of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Virginia Tech (first published November 2018, last reviewed December 2023)

This publication is available in an Excel Workbook only.

Nutrient management involves controlling the rate, timing, placement and application of plant nutrients to grow high-quality plants while protecting the environment. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are a few elements essential for plant growth. When fertilizer, organic materials, or other compounds containing nitrogen and phosphorus are applied improperly to agricultural crops, turfgrass, or other landscape plants, these nutrients can be harmful to lakes, streams, or other water resources. For the purpose of aiding certified nutrient managment plan writers in the process of developing more easily implemented and accurate nutrient management plans, a spreadsheet-based workbook has been developed with the intent to standardize and simplify phosphorus and potassium soil test conversions for DCR-approved soil testing laboratories. The formulas and conversions in the workbook are based on the Virginia Nutrient Management Standards and Criteria (Revised July 2014), as well as other information available from DCR.

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Publication Date

December 5, 2023