Resources by Karleigh Bacon

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Starting a Food Business: Before You Get Started as a Food Entrepreneur May 17, 2012
Starting a Food Business: Insurance Coverage for Food Entrepreneurs Jun 19, 2012 FST-49NP
Starting a Food Business: Marketing Considerations for Small Food Processors Jun 19, 2012 FST-50NP
Starting a Food Business: Preparing a Food Processing Business Plan Jun 19, 2012 FST-51NP
Starting a Food Business: Registering and Licensing Your Food Business Jun 19, 2012 FST-52NP
Know Your Way around a Food Label May 24, 2012
Making a Nutrient or Health Claim May 24, 2012 FST-54
Required Food Labeling Information May 24, 2012
Universal Product Code (UPC) Bar Coding May 24, 2012
How Microorganisms Affect Food Safety and Quality Nov 27, 2012
Understanding the pH of Your Food May 31, 2012
Understanding the Water Activity of Your Food May 31, 2012
Acidified Foods: Definitions and Regulations Jun 8, 2012 FST-61NP
Basic Regulations for All Food Processors Jun 8, 2012 FST-62NP
Classifying Your Food as Acid, Low-Acid, or Acidified Jun 8, 2012 FST-63NP
What Products are NOT Considered Acidified? Jun 8, 2012 FST-64NP
Registering Your Food Business with the FDA Nov 29, 2012 FST-94NP
What is a Scheduled Process? Nov 29, 2012 FST-95NP