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2021 Virginia On-Farm Corn Test Plots



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Authored by: Trent Jones, Extension Agent, Northumberland and Lancaster County; Robbie Longest, Associate Extension Agent, Essex County; Mike Broaddus, Extension Agent, Caroline and King George Counties; Stephanie Romelczyk, Extension Agent, Westmoreland County; Scott Reiter, Senior Extension Agent, Prince George County; Watson Lawrence, Senior Extension Agent, City of Chesapeake; Roy Flanagan, Extension Agent, City of Virginia Beach; Carl Stafford, Senior Extension Agent, Culpeper County; Frank Long, Associate Extension Agent, Middlesex County; Taylor Clarke, Extension Agent, Mecklenburg County; Sara Rutherford, Extension Agent, Greensville County and City of Emporia; Joshua Holland, Associate Extension Agent, Southampton County; Bruce Jones, Extension Agent, Appomattox County; Joanne Jones, Extension Agent, Charlotte County; Elizabeth Pittman, Extension Agent, City of Suffolk; Rebecca Slabach, Extension Agent, Halifax County; Glenn Chappell II, Associate Professor of Plant and Soil Science, Virginia State University; Robert Grammar, Agricultural Manager, Virginia State University; Landon West, Virginia State University; William Townsend, Agriculture Specialist, Virginia State University; Wade Thomason, Extension Grains Specialist, Virginia Tech

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The 2021 Virginia On-Farm Corn Test Plots publication summarizes research done in 2021 by Virginia Cooperative Extension Agents and supporting agricultural agencies, on corn production in the state of Virginia. Specifically, this publication includes information on corn hybrid selection and planting population comparisons.

Archived On-Farm Corn Test Plots Results can be accessed from:


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Publication Date

February 18, 2022