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Virginia 4-H Beef Heifer Project Junior Record Book



Authors as Published

Kelly Mallory, Extension Agent, 4-H Youth; Kaci Coppedge, Extension Agent, 4-H Youth; Cyndi Estienne, Extension Agent, 4-H Youth; Mary Elizabeth Williams, Extension Agent, 4-H Youth; Jocelyn Dailey, Extension Agent, 4-H Youth; Leslie Prillaman, Extension Agent, 4-H Youth; Bertha Durbin, 4-H Volunteer; Sandra Turner,4-H Volunteer; Mark Walberg, Extension Animal Science Specialist, Virginia Tech; Celeste Crisman, Extension Equine Specialist, Virginia Tech; David Winston, Extension Dairy Specialist, Virginia Tech.

Cover, Virginia 4-H Beef Heifer Project Junior Record Book

This publication is available in PDF format only.

This record is designed to be the place for you to keep records on your animal projects. Read through the book carefully and complete all sections requested (for example, project planning, feed and health care purchases, supplies and tools, results from shows, and a financial summary). Do not leave any sections blank unless they do not relate to your project animal. It is important that you do your own work, but ask your 4-H leader, Extension Agent, parents, or other 4-H volunteers for help when you do not understand something.

This project record book is for record-keeping only. Information about how to raise these animals can be found in various 4-H Project Guides. Copies of project guides may be obtained from your local Virginia Cooperative Extension office.

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Publication Date

January 24, 2023