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Alexandra Spring and Eric Day, Department of Entomology, Virginia Tech

Figure 1 Rose Scale
Rose Scale. Eric Day, Va Tech.


White, circular, and scaly; 1/8 inch in diameter.

Common Host Plant(s)

Blackberry, raspberry, and dewberry.


Incrusts bark at base of canes; weakens or kills canes by feeding on sap.



Throughout United States.

Cultural Control

Prune out and destroy all heavily infested canes. Keep down weeds in the planting.

Organic/Biological Control

Dormant oil or horticultural oil. Apply in late spring before leaves open. Spray when temperature is above 50°F and freezing will not occur within 24 hours. Dormant spraying with liquid lime sulfur may also give some control.

Chemical Control

Insecticide must be applied during the crawler (the mobile, unprotected young of adult scale insects) stage or when crawlers have just settled. The crawler date for rose scale is late May to June 30. Make insecticide applications on June 5-10, June 20-25, and in mid August. Treat with a registered insecticide, follow all label instructions and precautions.

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April 25, 2011

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