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4-H Animal Sciences

Title Summary Date ID Author(s)
4-H Animal Science Financial Record Keeping Lessons

This is the first in a series of six lessons that focus on 4-H livestock financial record keeping. It discusses the importance
of matching your livestock project animal with your farm’s facilities. This activity will help members learn to
set and achieve goals in their animal projects. The discussion about the factors to consider and the questions to ask
themselves will help members answer the questions in the project planning section of the record book.

Aug 29, 2016 4H-540P
4-H Animal Science Non-Ownership Livestock Project - Unit II

The Animal Science Project Units I, II, and III are designed for individual 4-H’ers and 4-H clubs that are interested in livestock but do not or cannot have animals of their own. These are short-term projects and may be followed by other livestock and meats projects or by the Junior Stockman’s Project.

May 1, 2009 380-124
4-H Horse Judging Project Record Book Level 1 Mar 4, 2016 4H-316NP (4H-568P)
4-H Horse Judging Project Record Book Level 2

This project book will be used to further the education of 4-H members who are interested in horse judging and have already completed the 4-H Horse Judging Project Record Book Level 1.

Mar 2, 2016 4H-317NP (4H-569P)
4-H Horse Program Key Dates Agents Need to Know Jun 27, 2016 APSC-128NP
4-H Livestock Advancement Project Guide and Record

The 4-H Livestock Advancement Project can be an important part of the livestock project(s) in which you are presently engaged.

May 1, 2009 380-119
4-H Livestock Record Book - Beef-Swine-Sheep

Livestock are a family project. Your encouragement and help in completing this record will allow the 4-H’er to receive the most benefit from the project.

May 1, 2009 380-122
4-H Market Beef Planning Guide May 1, 2009 400-833
4-H Member Record Book - Novice Oct 19, 2016 4H-689NP
4-H Member Record Book • Experienced Junior Oct 19, 2016 4H-690NP
4-H Member Record Book • Experienced Senior Oct 19, 2016 4H-691NP
4-H PetPALS Leader's Guide Nov 10, 2009 380-006
4-H PetPALS Member Resource Nov 10, 2009 380-005
4-H Project Horse Eligibility/Declaration Mar 11, 2016 406-125 (4H-583NP)
4-H Science Fair Project/Presentation and Display Score Sheet Mar 19, 2014 380-128 (4H-256NP)
4-H Virtual Farm May 19, 2009
A Basic Training Guide for New 4-H Parents and Volunteers Involved with Livestock Projects

4-H is the youth development education program of Virginia Cooperative Extension. 4-H is committed to assisting youth, and those adults working with them, in acquiring the knowledge, life skills, and attitudes that will enable them to become self-directing, contributing, and productive members of society. The central theme of 4-H education is “learn by doing.”

May 1, 2009 380-120
A Brighter Idea: Eggs! Sep 22, 2009 408-032
Basic Information Agents need to know about Virginia’s 4-H Horse Program Jul 20, 2016 4H-307NP (APSC-125NP)
Beginning of Life Nov 9, 2009 408-029
Beginning of Life Record Book Nov 9, 2009 408-027

Let’s have a Chick-N-Que! It’s fun; it’s easy; it’s good eating; and it’s so very economical. It suggests the tantalizing aroma of golden, crusted chicken lying lazily over pit and grill – the cheer of glowing coals and gay
chatter of family and friends pleasantly hungry – appetites sharpened by fresh air and bright sunshine – good
fellowship warmed outwardly by glowing coals and inwardly by the aroma of pungent sauce.

Sep 23, 2009 408-287
Cloverbud Curriculum - Do You Have Horse Sense! Feb 3, 2016 380-107(4H-560P)
Cloverbud Curriculum - Eat Like a Horse! Feb 3, 2016 380-105(4H-562P)
Cloverbud Curriculum - Horses Wear Clothes, Too! Feb 4, 2016 380-108(4H-563P)
Cloverbud Curriculum - Knocking Off the Dirt! Feb 4, 2016 380-106(4H-564P)
Cloverbud Curriculum - Puzzling Horse Parts! Feb 4, 2016 380-109(4H-565P)
Cloverbud Curriculum, A Horse of a Different Color! Feb 11, 2016 380-104 (4H-561P)
General Horse Information Agents Need To Know Jul 20, 2016 4H-308 (APSC-127P)
Good Production Practices: Required Living Space for Sheep

To teach youth how to read a medication label so they are better able to understand how to store and administer medications to different livestock species.

May 6, 2016 APSC-103P
Horseless Horse Project Unit 1 - Introduction to the Horse May 1, 2009 406-120
Horseless Horse Project Unit 2 - Horses Are Fun Feb 3, 2016 406-105 (4H-558NP)
Horseless Horse Project Unit 3 May 1, 2009 406-093
Horseless Horse Project Unit 4 May 1, 2009 406-094
How to Make an Adjustable Rope Halter and Tie Useful Knots Oct 29, 2009 404-280
Judging Scorecard (Blue) May 1, 2009 380-100
Judging Scorecard (Green) May 1, 2009 380-103
Judging Scorecard (White) May 1, 2009 380-101
Judging Scorecard (Yellow) May 1, 2009 380-102
Leader’s Guide - Virginia 4-H Horse Program May 1, 2009 406-741
Marvelous Meat

This activity guide centers on meat identification, learning to be an informed meat consumer, and meat judging. The guide has been written for youth ages 11 to 14 (grades 6 through 8). However, it may be used by youth at any grade-level based on their knowledge of meat and meat production.The activities in this book will strengthen their  nderstanding of meat products and production and provide an introduction to meat judging.

Oct 29, 2009 388-746
Mid-Atlantic 4-H Market Goat Project Guide

According to USDA statistics, the meat goat industry is growing at a rate of 10 percent to 15 percent a year. Yet, U.S. farmers do not produce enough goats to meet the domestic demand for goat meat.

May 1, 2009 380-310
Poultry Yearly Plan and Record Book Nov 6, 2009 408-042
Poultry: Beginning of Life Nov 9, 2009 388-801
Progressive Riding Series Unit 2 - Novice May 1, 2009 406-097
Progressive Riding Series Unit 3 - Horseman May 1, 2009 406-098
Progressive Riding Series Unit 4 - Horsemaster May 1, 2009 406-099
Self-Determined Horse Project Feb 11, 2016 406-107 (4H-567P)
Survival Guide for 4-H Leaders May 1, 2009 406-130
The Egg-citing Egg Nov 9, 2009 408-030
The Egg-citing Egg - Teacher/Leader Guide Nov 6, 2009 408-031
VIRGINIA 4-H HORSE PROJECT: PROGRESSIVE RIDING SERIES UNIT 1 Basic Horsemanship Feb 19, 2016 406-053 (4H-559P)
VT Policy Guidelines for Open vs. 4-H Horse Events Jun 27, 2014 4H-306NP
Virginia 4-H Beef Heifer Project Junior Record Book Jun 27, 2013 4H-140P
Virginia 4-H Beef Heifer Project Senior Record Book Jul 1, 2013 4H-141P
Virginia 4-H Dog Project Senior Record Book Feb 17, 2012 4H-8
Virginia 4-H Ewe Flock Project Guide May 1, 2009 410-089
Virginia 4-H Horse Project Junior Record Book May 1, 2009 406-122
Virginia 4-H Horse Project Measurement Card Jun 27, 2014 406-050 (4H -305NP)
Virginia 4-H Horse Project Senior Record Book May 1, 2009 406-123
Virginia 4-H Market Beef Project Junior Record Book Aug 23, 2013 4H-142P
Virginia 4-H Market Beef Project Senior Record Book Aug 27, 2013 4H-143P
Virginia 4-H Market Goat Project Junior Record Book Aug 27, 2013 4H-144P
Virginia 4-H Market Goat Project Senior Record Book Aug 27, 2013 4H-145P
Virginia 4-H Market Hog Project Junior Record Book Aug 27, 2013 4H-146P
Virginia 4-H Market Hog Project Senior Record Book Aug 27, 2013 4H-147P
Virginia 4-H Market Lamb Project Guide May 1, 2009 410-083
Virginia 4-H Market Lamb Project Junior Record Book Aug 27, 2013 4H-148P
Virginia 4-H Market Lamb Project Senior Record Book Aug 27, 2013 4H-149P
Virginia 4-H Sheep Flock Project Junior Record Book Sep 30, 2013 4H-150P
Virginia 4-H Sheep Flock Project Senior Record Book Sep 27, 2013 4H-151P
Virginia 4-H State Horse Program

An educational organization for youth, ages 5-19, for those who love horses. Horse ownership not required!

Mar 2, 2016 4H-570NP
Virginia 4-H Youth Market Hog Project Guide May 1, 2009 414-001
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Equine Release, Waiver, and Indemnification Statement Jun 19, 2014 388-035 (4H-304NP)