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The Impact of a 4-H Youth Development Program on the Future College/Career Aspirations of Youth Ages 14-19 Feb 28, 2018 380-023 (4H-777)
4-H Extemporaneous Speaking Score Sheet Mar 25, 2022 380-024 (4H-259NP)
Teen Leadership and Development Fact Sheets: Preparing Teens for Opportunities Beyond the Local Level
Virginia 4-H offers a wide variety of opportunities beyond the local level that enable teens to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and aspirations needed for success. However, before we involve teens in opportunities such as State 4-H Cabinet, State 4-H Congress, Virginia 4-H All Stars, Citizenship Washington Focus, National 4-H Congress, and National 4-H Conference, we — as 4-H professionals — must be sure the teens are adequately prepared for such ventures. This fact sheet provides tips on how to prepare your teens for district, state, national, and international 4-H opportunities.
Feb 14, 2020 4H-283P (4H-880P)
Teen Leadership and Development Fact Sheets: Recruitment and Retention of Teens
Often, society hears negative reports related to teens — for example, 51 percent cheated on a test in the last year (Josephson Institute of Ethics 2012) — and the lack of positive opportunities provided for teens contributes to these statistics. Research shows that when teens are engaged in long-term, positive opportunities with caring adults, they are more likely to be academically productive in high school and to graduate (Lerner et al. 2011). 4-H Youth Development provides the longitudinal opportunities and caring adults who promote positive outcomes for teens. However, the recruitment and retention of teen 4-H members is often difficult because of family and community factors. While these factors may inhibit positive teen opportunities, there are other factors that can help overcome the barriers.
Jun 18, 2014 4H-284P
Teen Leadership and Development Fact Sheets: Working Effectively With Teen Volunteers Oct 2, 2020 4H-510P
A True Leader Gives Back to Move Their Community Forward Aug 5, 2016 4H-617
Opportunities for Senior 4-H Members May 5, 2021 4H-625NP
4-H Portfolio Tip Sheet
4-H Portfolio Tip Sheet
Apr 4, 2022 4H-749NP
The Value of Teen Leadership: Quick Guide Jan 2, 2024 4H-785P
The Value of Teen Leadership Jan 2, 2024 4H-786P
4-H Member Record Book Guide
This guide is to be used to help you in completing the following 4-H Member Record Books: • 4-H Member Record Book • Novice (4H-689NP) • 4-H Member Record Book • Experienced Junior (4H-690NP) •4-H Member Record Book • Experienced Senior (4H-691NP)
Feb 14, 2024 4H-844
Do I Still Use the Gavel if It's a Virtual Meeting? Tips for Successful Meetings and Parliamentary Procedures in the Age of Zoom Apr 15, 2020 4H-903NP
Frederick County VA 4-H: Officer Training- Mock Meeting Aug 17, 2021 4H-950NP
4-H Camp Emergency Driver and Vehicle Checklist
Engaging Youth Voices: Session 2 - Youth Voice: A Key Component to Healing Communities Aug 18, 2020 ALCE-214NP