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4-H Extemporaneous Speaking Score Sheet Mar 25, 2022 380-024 (4H-259NP)
Express Yourself! Public Speaking and Presentations
Public speaking is an important skill that is basic to good citizenship. Your ability to communicate effectively throughout your life will be reflected in your home, your work, and even in your community. A speech or presentation gives you the opportunity to share your ideas and knowledge with other people. In a speech you are sharing your ideas or opinions, whereas, in a presentation you are telling how to do something or how something works. 4‑H members usually use visual aids with a presentation. Your ideas and knowledge are important and should be shared to help other people learn. A speech, however, is made up of the speaker, speech, and audience and uses no props or visuals. This 4‑H publication will help you develop a speech or presentation in a step‑by‑step process.
Mar 3, 2022 388-028 (4H-833NP)
4-H Presentations Tip Sheet Feb 1, 2021 388-061(4H-419NP)
4-H Presentations Scoring Aid Feb 3, 2021 388-062 (4H-717NP)
Information for Scoring 4-H Share-the-Fun Acts
Our primary objectives in the Share-the-Fun program are to encourage 4-H members to: 1) discover and develop their talents and 2) to develop confidence in self and performing before others. This score sheet is designed to have judges evaluate 4-H members’ performances, give members feedback to assist with their continuous development, and assist in the selection of acts that can be used in an exciting, entertaining variety show.
Jun 18, 2020 388-064(4H-423NP)
Performing Arts Record for Year Feb 1, 2021 388-065 (4H-422NP)
4-H Public Speaking Score Sheet Feb 3, 2021 388-066 (4H-399NP)
Express Yourself! Public Speaking and Presentations Jun 27, 2013 388-028 (4H-160NP)
4-H Photography Contest Score Sheet Jun 5, 2014 4H-292NP