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UPDATED List of Commercial Suppliers and Insectaries/Laboratories Selling Predators and Parasitoids for Augmentative Biocontrol



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Authored by Alejandro Del-Pozo, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, Department of Entomology, Virginia Tech

Company Name* City State Products** Website for Ordering
A-1 Unique Citrus Height California Lacewings, Lady beetles
American Insectaries Escondido California Lacewings
Arbico Organics Oro Valley Arizona Lacewings, Lady beetles
Associates Insectaries Santa Paula California Lady beetles
Beneficial Insectaries Redding California Parasitic wasps, Lacewings, Predatory mites
BFG Supply Burton Ohio Lacewings
Biobest Romulus Michigan Parasitic wasps, Lady beetles
Biofac Mathis Texas Lacewings
Bioline Agrosciences Oxnard California Parasitic wasps, Lacewings, Predatory mites
Buglogical Tucson Arizona Lacewings, Lady beetles
Evergreen Grower Supply Clackamas Oregon Parasitic wasps, Lacewings
Garden Alive Lawrenceburg Indiana Lacewings, Lady beetles
Greenmethods Redding California Parasitic wasps, Lacewings, Lady beetles
Hydro-Gardens Colorado Springs Colorado Lacewings, Lady beetles
IPM Laboratories Inc. Locke New York Parasitic wasps, Lacewings, Lady beetles
Koppert Howell Michigan Parasitic wasps, Lacewings, Lady beetles, Predatory mites
Kunafin Quemado Texas Lacewings
Natural Pest Control Orangevale California Lacewings, Lady beetles
Nature’s Control Medford Oregon Parasitic wasps, Lacewings, Lady beetles
Organic Control Harbor City California Lacewings
Peaceful Valley Grass Valley California Lacewings, Lady beetles
Planet Natural Bozeman Montana Lacewings, Lady beetles
Rincon-Vitova Insectaries Ventura California Parasitic wasps, Lacewings, Lady beetles, Predatory mites
Tip Top Westlake Village California Parasitic wasps, Lacewings, Lady beetles

*The following table was completed using information from the 2015 Directory of Least-Toxic Pest Control Products, published on The IPM Practitioner Magazine ( There are more companies/suppliers offering beneficial arthropods and are not included in this table. Appearance on this table does not reflect endorsement by VCE. **Companies might offer additional products, besides the ones listed in this table. Check the respective company’s website for a complete list of products, prices and availability.

This two-page table provide updated information on laboratories and other suppliers selling beneficials insect for biological control. This publication also provides compiled information for both growers and homeowners on where to purchase these beneficial insects.

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Publication Date

February 4, 2022