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Authored by Tom Kuhar, Professor and Extension Entomologist, Department of Entomology, Virginia Tech; Christopher McCullough, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Entomology, Virginia Tech, and Hélène B. Doughty, Research Specialist Sr. Virginia Tech ESAREC

Neonicotinoids such as Admire Pro, Platinum, etc., are often used at-planting and should not be followed by a foliar application of a neonicotinoid due to resistance development in Colorado potato beetle. The Colorado potato beetle has developed resistance to more than 50 insecticides. Switching among IRAC groups is a good resistance management strategy to slow the development of resistance. Instead of another neonicotinoid, select an insecticide from the options below if needed.

Most IPM compatible:

Mode-of-action (IRAC class number)

Avermectins (6): Agri-Mek

Diamides (28): Coragen, Exirel, Verimark, Harvanta, and Vantacor 

Spinosyns (5): Radiant, Entrust, Blackhawk, Conserve

IGR/Benzoylurea (15): Rimon

Btt products (11A)

Butenolides (4D): Sivanto 200SL 

Cryomazine (17): Trigard

A Colorado potato beetle adult and late-instar larva on a leaf.

Broader pest spectrum

Mode-of-action (IRAC class number)

Combo diamide products (28+): Besiege, Durivo, Elevest, and Minecto Pro

METI (21): Torac

Oxadiazines (22): Avaunt, Avaunt EvO

Organophosphsates (1B): Imidian 70W

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Publication Date

March 8, 2021