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The Woods In Your Backyard: Learning to Create and Enhance Natural Areas Around Your Home



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Jonathan Kays, University of Maryland Cooperative Extension; Adam K. Downing, Virginia Cooperative Extension; James Finley, Penn State Cooperative Extension; Andrew A. Kling, University of Maryland Cooperative Extension; Craig Highfield, Forests for the Bay; Nevin Dawson, University of Maryland Cooperative Extension; Joy R. Drohan, Eco-Write, LLC; and Doug Tallamy, University of Delaware

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Small lots, such as the one you may own, are a big deal. The vast majority of land owners have less than 10 acres. This land, wooded or not, is a vital source for all. By enhancing or creating natural areas and woodland on your lot, you can enjoy recreation, aesthetics, wildlife, and water quality. If your lot connects to other lots, there’s ample opportunity to make an even bigger impact by getting neighbors involved! Owners of even just a few acres can make a positive difference in their environment through planning and implementing simple stewardship practices learned at the Woodland Stewardship Education's “The Woods in Your Backyard” workshop. The basic stewardship practices learned at the workshop will bring you many personal benefits.

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Publication Date

May 17, 2016