Resources by Lori Marsh

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Each Lesson contains both information for the teacher and copy-ready Activity Sheets and Youth Evaluation forms. The teacher section begins by identifying both a life-skill objective and the connection to the SOLs. An estimate of the time required to conduct the lesson and a supply list are provided. A Background Information section prepares the teacher to present the material. The Procedure section describes how to conduct the activity. This is followed by a Answers to the Youth Activity Sheet, which discusses the questions/answers presented to the students by the activity. The Evaluation section contains the questions presented to the students on the Student Evaluation form, along with the answers.
Mar 31, 2014 388-800 (4H-246NP)
Virginia 4-H School Enrichment, Scientific Inquiry
This curriculum includes six lessons intended for youth in grades three through six. These activities are experiential and contain aspects of problem-based and inquiry-based learning.
Mar 24, 2014 388-808 (4H-245NP)
Science Display & Demonstration Jun 13, 2012 4H-37NP