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COVID-19 Response Reflection Tool



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Authored by Sarah Baughman, Research Associate Professor, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Virginia Tech; Tom Archibald, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Department of Agricultural Leadership and Community Education, Virginia Tech: and Karen Vines, Assistant Professor and Continuing Professional Education Specialist, Department of Agricultural Leadership and Community Education, Virginia Tech


Use this template on a consistent basis to document your individual, unity, or team response to the current COVID19 pandemic. Focus on both internal and external events and connections. At a minimum, it should be completed weekly and after every major event or meeting.

Name of person completing the form:                         

I’m completing this on behalf of: 

A program team

A unit or county office 


An academic department 


Name of program team, unit, AREC or Department:                      

Activities, Decisions, Results

  1. What activities have you engaged in related to the COVID Response?

    (examples: changing programs from in-person to online, providing topical resources, working with local emergency response teams, local food banks, etc.)

  2. What key decisions have you made?

    (examples: meeting more regularly, moving meetings online, canceling programs, learning to use online tools more effectively and in more interactive ways, connecting with new internal or external partners, using materials provided by the university outside/inside my subject matter expertise, etc.)

  3. What has been a result of these decisions?

    (examples: building stronger internal/external networks, increased awareness of VCE with new audiences, leveraging new resources, etc.)


  1. Right now, the greatest opportunities for success are…

  2. Right now, I am most concerned about …

  3. Through this process, what has been most helpful to me is…

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Publication Date

April 15, 2020