ALCE-104P (ALCE-241P)

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Sarah K. Hanks, Executive Director of Monticello Area Community Action Agency; Eric K. Kaufman, Professor and Extension Specialist, Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education, Virginia Tech; Curtis R. Friedel, Associate Professor, Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education, Virginia Tech; Nicholas A. Clegorne, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Higher Education, Kennesaw State University; Megan M. Seibel, Director of Virginia Agriculture Leaders Obtaining Results (VALOR), Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education, Virginia Tech; Kelsey C. Kirland, Assistant Director of Assessment, Old Dominion University; Bradley J. Burbaugh, County Extension Director, University of Florida/Volusia County Extension

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A survey by the Center for Public Leadership suggests that despite some Americans’ belief that “our leaders are effective and do a good job,” 69 percent of Americans believe there is a leadership crisis (Rosenthal 2012, p. 1). Extension is well-positioned to address this need for leader development due to our role in developing and delivering leadership programs that serve youth, college-aged students, and adults. Even still, practitioners are desperately trying to respond to this crisis with deliberate and appropriately planned leadership development programming (Murphy and Johnson 2011).

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Publication Date

April 13, 2021