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2023 Spray Bulletin for Commercial Tree Fruit Growers


456-419 (ENTO-534P)

Authors as Published

D. G. Pfeiffer, Professor and Extension Specialist, Entomology, Virginia Tech; K. B. Rice, Extension Specialist and Director, Virginia Tech; C. Quesada, Extension Specialist, West Virginia University; C. R. R. Hooks, Extension Specialist, Univeristy of Maryland; S. Sherif, Extension Horticulturist, Virginia Tech; S. Acimovic, Extension Plant Pathologist, Virginia Tech; M. Raman, Extension Plant Pathologist, West Virginia University; J. F. Derr, Extension Weed Scientist, Virginia Tech; R. S. Chandran, Extension Plant Pathologist, West Virginia University; Daniel L. Frank, Pesticide Safety, Virginia Tech; J. Parkhurst, Extension Wildlife Management Specialist, Virginia Tech.

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This guide contains information on pesticides used in orchards, with a seasonal treatment of when and how these materials should be employed. Efficacy information toward major fruit pests as well as beneficial species is included.

The guide is black and white, with a color photograph for the cover. It is spiral bound. 190 pages.

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Publication Date

February 16, 2023