448-257 (AAEC-304NP)

Authors as Published

Authored by Patrick Kayser, Virginia’s Land Use-Value Assessment, Program Analyst, Virginia Tech; Jennifer S. Friedel, Virginia’s Land Use-Value Assessment, Program Director, Virginia Tech; Stephanie Hentemann, Virginia’s Land Use-Value Assessment Program, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Virginia Tech; Anukul Bhattarai, Ph.D. student, Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech

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Starting in 2003, SLEAC began conducting a survey every ten years among all commissioners of revenues and relevant constitutional officers in every locality to study the procedures and implementation used for the land use-value assessment program. In conducting this survey, the purpose is to determine the following:

  1. Seek ways to improve the usefulness of agricultural and horticultural use-values.
  2. Capture how SLEAC estimates are being used by each jurisdiction.
  3. Understand how each jurisdiction implements and enforces their respective land use-value assessment program.
  4. Provide insights into how agricultural and forestry districts are administered.
  5. Understand how land in conservation easements is valued.
Publication Date

December 7, 2022