Authors as Published

Scott Reiter, Prince George County; Stephanie Romelczyk, Westmoreland County; Mike Broaddus, Caroline/King George Counties; Taylor Clarke, Mecklenburg County; Lindy Fimon, Lunenburg County; Roy Flanagan, City of Virginia Beach; Josh Holland, Southampton County; Bruce Jones, Appomattox County; Trent Jones, Lancaster/Northumberland Counties; Watson Lawrence, City of Chesapeake; Robbie Longest, Essex County; Mike Parrish, Dinwiddie County; Sara Rutherford, Greensville County/City of Emporia; Laura Siegle, Amelia County Carl Stafford, Culpeper County; and David Holshouser, Virginia Tech-Tidewater AREC

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These demonstration and research results are a collaborative effort of Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) Agents and Specialists, Virginia producers, and agribusiness. The purpose of this publication is to provide research-based information to aid in the decision-making process for soybean producers in Virginia. It provides an unbiased evaluation of varieties, management practices, and new technologies through on-farm replicated research using producer equipment and time. These experiments enable producers to make better management decisions based on research and provide greater opportunities to improve yields and profits, which improves quality of life for them and their families.

Virginia Cooperative Extension materials are available for public use, reprint, or citation without further permission, provided the use includes credit to the author and to Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech, and Virginia State University.

Issued in furtherance of Cooperative Extension work, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Virginia State University, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture cooperating. Edwin J. Jones, Director, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg; M. Ray McKinnie, Administrator, 1890 Extension Program, Virginia State University, Petersburg.

Publication Date

January 22, 2020