AntibioticConcentrationTrade Name(s)
Over the Counter/ PrescriptionDosage/
route (if not IM)
IndicationsApprox. cost for 500lb for 3 daysSlaughter Withdrawals
Penicillin (Procaine)300,000 IU / mlPfi-Pen G, Agricillin, Procaine Pen GOTC1ml/100 lbs. *
Once a day
Bacterial pneumonia, Organisms susceptible$ 0.9010 days
Penicillin (Procaine/
150,000 + 150,000 IU/mlDurpen, Benzapen, Pen BP-48OTC2ml/150 lbs.*
Every other day
Bacterial pneumonia, Upper respiratory disease, Blackleg$ 0.9030 days
Oxytetracycline100 mg/mlTerramycin, Agrimycin-100, Oxy-Tet 100OTC5ml/100 lbs.
Sub Q (Status SQ)
Organisms susceptible to oxytetracycline$1.5018days
(Status SQ)
Oxytetracycline200 mg/mlLiquamycin LA-200, Procure 200, Biocor 200OTC5ml/100 lbs.
Every other day
Bacterial pneumonia, foot rot, Pinkeye$2.10-2.5028 days
Erythromycin200 mg/mlErythro-200, Erythromycin-200, Gallimycin-200OTC.5 - 1 ml/100 lbs.*
Once a day
Pneumonia, mastitis, metritis, foot rot, wt. loss prevention$.75-$1.5014 days
Tylosin200 mg/mlTylan 200, Tylosin InjectionOTC4 ml/100 lbs.*
Once a day
Respiratory disease, foot rot, calf diphtheria$1.4021 days
Sulfadimethoxine400 mg/mlAlbon Inj. 40%, SulfadadinjOTC31.2 ml/500 lbs.,
15.6 ml/500 lbs. Intravenous
Respiratory disease, foot rot, calf diphtheria$5.255 days
Amoxicillin250 mg/mlAmoxi-InjectPrescription1.5 -2 ml/100 lbs. IM or Sub QRespiratory disease, foot rot$7.50-$10.0025 days
Ampicillin400 mg/mlPolyflexPrescription.75 -1.25 ml /100 lbs.Respiratory disease$8.10 - $13.356 days
Ceftiofur Sodium50 mg/mlNaxcelPrescription1-2 ml/100 lbs.Respiratory disease, foot rot$7.50-$15.00None
Tilmicosin300 mg/mlMicotil 300 InjectionPrescription1.5 ml /
100 lbs. once SQ
Respiratory disease
$11.2528 days
Florfenicol300 mg/mlNuflor Injectable SolutionPrescription3.0ml/ 100 lbs. repeat in 48 hr; 6 ml/ 100 lbs. SQ onceRespiratory disease, High Risk cattle$ 14.0028 days;
38 days
Ceftiofur Hydrocloride50 mg/mlExcenelPrescription1-2 ml daily to every other dayRespiratory disease$8 -$11.252 days
Sulfamethazine Cow42 gms/BolusSustain III
OTC1 Bolus per 200lbs.Susceptible bacterial infection$7.5012 days
8 gm /bolusSustain III
OTC1 Bolus/50 lbs.Susceptible bacterial infection$2.5012 days
Enrofloxacin100mg/mlBaytrilPrescription3.5 — 5.5 ml / 100 lbs. once; 1.1-2.3 ml/ 100 lbs. Daily for 3 days SQRespiratory disease$12- $2328 days
* = labeled dose may not be effective