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Use these helpful suggestions to increase the quality of your diet

  1. Eat more dried beans and peas
  2. Eat raw vegetables and fruits with peel
  3. Use whole grain cereals and breads
  4. Add bran cereal, oats or soy nutletts as an ingredient to other recipes:
    • Quick Breads - Stir 1 cup into batter for muffins, and quick breads.
    • Yeast Breads - Add about 1/4 cup per loaf with the first addition of flour. May need to reduce the amount of flour slightly.
    • Pancakes - Add about 1 cup for each cup of pancake mix. Increase the liquid by 2 or more tablespoons.
    • Meatballs, meatloaf, burgers - Add up to 2 cup for each 1 pound of ground meat. Increase the liquid by 2 or more tablespoons and soften the cereal in liquid before adding the ground meat.
    • Pie Crusts - Substitute finely crushed bran flake cereal for part or all of the crumbs in a typical crumb crust recipe.
    • Cookies - Use cereal in place of nuts or add up to an equal amount of cereal in place of flour.
  5. Add bran cereal or soy nutletts (Spoon-Ons) to:
    • any breakfast cereal, hot or cold
    • meat, fish or vegetarian dishes
    • baked potato or baked sweet potato
    • stuffed vegetables or casseroles
    • tossed green salads
    • fruit salads
    • fruit and yogurt


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May 1, 2009