Resources for Volunteer Forms

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
4-H Volunteer Application/Enrollment - Long Form VA-114 Jan 21, 2014 388-003 (4H-196)
Aplicación/Registro Para Voluntario de 4-H Jun 10, 2016 388-003S (4H-608NP)
4-H One Time/Occasional Volunteer Form May 26, 2016 388-004 (4H-610NP)
Standards of Behavior for Virginia 4-H Volunteers
Trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship are the six core ethical values which the CHARACTER COUNTS! program calls the “Six Pillars of Character.” These values reflect those of the Virginia 4-H program and each 4-H member, volunteer, and staff member should strive to practice these values. The following standards for 4-H volunteers identify how these values will be reflected in volunteer performance. These standards help to ensure the safety and well-being of all 4-H participants and the integrity of the 4-H program.
Nov 18, 2015 388-044 (4H-535NP)
Normas de Comportamiento para los Voluntarios de 4-H de Virginia
La confiabilidad, el respeto, la responsabilidad, la equidad, la solidaridad y el civismo son los seis valores éticos fundamentales a los que el programa ¡EL CARÁCTER CUENTA! llama los “Seis Pilares del Carácter”. Estos valores reflejan los valores del programa 4-H de Virginia, y cada miembro, voluntario y miembro del personal de 4-H debe esforzarse en practicarlos. Las siguientes normas para los voluntarios de 4-H identifican cómo estos valores se reflejarán en el desempeño voluntario. Estas normas son útiles para garantizar la seguridad y el bienestar de todos los participantes de 4-H y la integridad del programa 4-H.
Apr 1, 2016 388-044S (4H-535SNP)
4-H Adult Health History Report Form Jan 29, 2014 4H-224
Teen Leadership and Development Fact Sheets: Working Effectively With Teen Volunteers Oct 21, 2015 4H-510P
One Time/Occasional Volunteer Application/Enrollment Short Form VA-114S May 13, 2016 490-800 (VCE-744NP)
Volunteer Application/Enrollment Long Form VA-114 Nov 18, 2014 490-801 (VCEP-21NP)
Master Food Volunteer Re-Enrollment Form Nov 1, 2016 FCS-121NP
Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Application Feb 9, 2016 HORT-211NP
Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Re-Enrollment Form
volunteer re-enrolment form
Feb 11, 2016 HORT-212NP
Virginia Cooperative Extension Volunteer Screening Guidelines Sep 10, 2015 VCE-629NP
Virginia Cooperative Extension Volunteers: Extending Knowledge and Improving Lives
Extension volunteers educate and engage the public; develop community through social connections; serve as knowledgeable and credible resources; advocate for Virginia Cooperative Extension; and are prepared leaders.
Apr 9, 2015 VCEP-27NP
VCE Volunteer Re-Enrollment Form Apr 6, 2017 VCEP-59NP