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Livestock Update

Title Summary Date ID Author(s)
Livestock Update, November 2015 Oct 27, 2015 APSC-117NP
Livestock Update, October 2015 Sep 24, 2015 APSC-114NP
Livestock Update, September 2015 Aug 24, 2015 APSC-112NP
Livestock Update, June 2015 Jun 5, 2015 APSC-96NP
Livestock Update, January 2015 Jan 13, 2015 APSC-79NP
Livestock Update, October 2014 Nov 4, 2014 APSC-66NP
Livestock Update, September 2014 Sep 26, 2014 APSC-64NP
Livestock Update, August 2014 Sep 15, 2014 APSC-62NP
Livestock Update, June/July 2014

This LIVESTOCK UPDATE contains timely subject matter on beef cattle, horses, poultry, sheep, swine, and related junior work. Use this material as you see fit for local newspapers, radio programs, newsletters, and for the formulation of recommendations.

Jul 2, 2014 APSC-60NP