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Jennifer Mercer

Title Summary Date ID Author(s)
Application for Volunteer 4-H Camp Teen Counselor Mar 25, 2014 388-052 (4H-269NP)
Evaluation of Household Water Quality in Augusta County, Virginia, September - November 2009, Virginia Household Water Quality Program Nov 12, 2010 3010-1505
In Case of a Disaster: Home Inventory

Whether it is a house fire, a hurricane or tornado if the disaster will make it difficult to  get an accurate accounting of what you have. The recent victim of a house fire made  the following suggestions.

  • “Take the time NOW to inventory your home. The inventory needs to include the  item name, description, make, date purchased/age, model and/or serial number,  and purchase price. Take pictures and /or video and make comprehensive lists of  EVERYTHING you own. Nothing is insignificant. The more items a person can list  and refer to “see photo” the better. The lists need to include everything (down  to how many pairs of socks you own) and should include brand name, age of item, and purchase cost. Update this  annually. I don't know why insurance companies don't require this or offer this service, but they should do both.
May 1, 2009 2903-7023