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Kathleen Jamison

Title Summary Date ID Author(s)
4-H Fashion Revue Mar 24, 2014 4H-36NP (4H-257NP)
4-H Fashion Revue Commentary Worksheet Mar 31, 2015 346-149(4H-474NP)
4-H Fashion Revue Consumer Comparison Worksheet Mar 31, 2015 346-148(4H-475NP)
4-H Fashion Revue Policies and Procedures Mar 31, 2015 346-146(4H-476NP)
4-H Fashion Revue Score Sheet Apr 22, 2015 346-150(4H-473NP)
4-H Honey Bee Leaders Guide Book I - The Buzz About Bees:Honey Bee Biology and Behavior Feb 27, 2014 380-071(4H-255NP)
4-H Honey Bee Youth Project Book I -- The Buzz about Bees: Honey Bee Biology and Behavior

The beekeeping project (Books 1 - 4) will teach you the basic biology and behavior of honey bees and give you hands-on management skills. The honey bee project books begin with basic honey bee and insect information (junior level) and advance to instruction on how to rear honey bee colonies and extract honey (senior level). These project books are intended to provide in-depth information related to honey bee management, yet they are written for the amateur beekeeper, whether or not you have previous experience in rearing honey bees.

Mar 18, 2014 380-070 (4H-253NP)
4-H Photography Contest Score Sheet Jun 5, 2014 4H-292NP
4-H Presentations

Haven’t you found that it is easier to learn something if someone shows you how instead of just telling you how? A 4-H presentation is:  
• Doing
• Showing
• Talking
• Telling how through visuals
You are the teacher and the expert. A first-time 4-H presentation will be easier for you if you actually do something with yours hands that gives you a finished product.

Jun 28, 2013 388-056 (4H-161NP)
4-H Presentations Scoring Aid Feb 16, 2017 388-062 (4H-717NP)
4-H Presentations Tip Sheet Apr 3, 2015 388-061(4H-419NP)
4-H Public Speaking Score Sheet Mar 26, 2015 388-066 (4H-399NP)
Adventures with Insects, 4-H Entomology Project Book

Welcome to the 4-H Entomology Project. It will introduce you to many new and exciting experiences. The Entomology Project is fun; it may help you prepare for the study of insects as your life’s work, or help you learn how important insects are in the lives of everyone.
The 4-H project will guide you in this first study of insects. Your Extension agent and 4-H leader are advisors to help you solve your problems. Ask for and follow their advice closely.
Ask your agent or leader for a project book and keep complete and accurate records. This is an important part of the project. You may use additional sheets if necessary. Enjoy your project and plan to participate in 4-H Entomology Unit II.

Mar 18, 2014 444-408 (4H-251NP)
Caring for Children 2: Babysitting Basics Nov 9, 2009 350-045
Caring for Children I: Before Babysitting Nov 9, 2009 350-035
Chicken Barbeque Contest Jun 15, 2012 4H-35NP
Conducting 4-H Community Service Learning Projects Oct 2, 2009 384-160
Electricity Mar 31, 2014 388-800 (4H-246NP)
Guidelines for Protecting Youth Workers: Promote Safe Practices and Protect Youth Workers Aug 13, 2014 BSE-46NP (BSE-107P)
Hand Tools Safety: Lawn Care Training Guide Hand Tool Care and Safe Use

 Many hand tools such as rakes, shovels, and pruners are used widely in lawn care operations. While these non-powered tools are not known to cause major injuries, they have the potential for injuries that may require absence from work and/or medical assistance when they are used improperly. Examples of such injuries may include bruises, cuts, sprains, back problems, and carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Sep 15, 2014 BSE-51P (BSE-113P)
Information for Scoring 4-H Share-the-Fun Acts Apr 22, 2015 388-064(4H-423NP)
It's More Than Just Dirt Mar 18, 2014 380-020 (4H-250NP)
Lawn Care: Hand Tools Safety Nov 5, 2013 BSE-40NP (BSE-98P)
Lawn Care: Powered Hand Tool Safety Nov 6, 2013 BSE-41NP (BSE-97P)
Lawn Care: Rotary Mower Safety Nov 5, 2013 BSE-42NP (BSE-96P)
Lawn Care: Tractor Safety Nov 5, 2013 BSE-43NP (BSE-100P)
Lawn Care: Utility-Type Vehicle Safety Nov 5, 2013 BSE-44NP (BSE-99P)
Poultry: Beginning of Life Nov 9, 2009 388-801
Powered Hand Tools Safety: Lawncare Training Guide Sep 24, 2014 BSE-50P (BSE-112P)
Rotary Mowers Safety: Lawncare Training Guide Aug 12, 2014 BSE-47P (BSE-110P)
Safe at Home Safe Alone, Youth Book Nov 9, 2009 350-523
Self-Determined Horse Project Feb 11, 2016 406-107 (4H-567P)
Sprouting Out and Growing Up Feb 25, 2014 380-022 (4H-248NP)
State 4-H Areas Of Competition Mar 25, 2015 4H-415NP
Stems and Stamens Feb 25, 2014 380-021 (4H-247NP)
The Egg-citing Egg - Teacher/Leader Guide Nov 6, 2009 408-031
Tractor Safety: Lawn Care Training Guide, Safe Use of Tractors

 Tractors are versatile equipment used in a variety of jobs ranging from hauling goods to lawn care to agriculture. While they are extremely versatile, they can be very dangerous unless they are used with care following safe practices. Accidents resulting in fatalities and severe injuries are very common during tractor use. The National Safety Council estimated that approximately 36 percent of all the agricultural fatalities in 1997 involved a tractor. Published data also show that farm accidents cause more than 100 deaths and about 2,600 serious injuries among children annually. Tractors account for about 41 percent of the accidental deaths among children under 15 years of age. In spite of these convincing data, a large number of operators continue to follow unsafe practices that can cause serious accidents. 

Sep 25, 2014 BSE-48NP (BSE-111P)
Utility Type Vehicles: UTV Maintenance and Safe Use Lawn Care Training Guide Jun 6, 2014 BSE-49NP (BSE-108P)
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide - Chicken Barbecue Apr 22, 2015 4H-425NP
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide - Egg Preparation Demonstration Mar 25, 2015 4H-429NP
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide - Presentations Mar 26, 2015 4H-420NP
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide - Public Speaking Apr 8, 2015 4H-421NP
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide - Radio/Public Address Apr 8, 2015 4H-427NP
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide - Science Fair Presentation & Display Apr 22, 2015 4H-428NP
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide - Turkey Barbecue Mar 25, 2015 4H-426NP
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide- Extemporaneous Speaking Mar 31, 2015 4H-471NP
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide- Fashion Revue Mar 31, 2015 4H-477NP
Virginia 4-H Contest Guide-Share-the-Fun Mar 25, 2015 4H-424NP
Virginia 4-H Dog Project Senior Record Book Feb 17, 2012 4H-8
Virginia 4-H Fashion Revue/Clothing Record Apr 8, 2015 346-147(4H-472NP)
Virginia 4-H School Enrichment, Scientific Inquiry

This curriculum includes six lessons intended for youth in grades three through six. These activities are experiential and contain aspects of problem-based and inquiry-based learning.

Mar 24, 2014 388-808 (4H-245NP)