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David N. Horton

Title Summary Date ID Author(s)
2014 Cotton Variety Testing and On-Farm Results Jan 30, 2015 AREC-131NP
2014 Virginia Bollgard II Xtendflex Variety Trial Apr 29, 2015 CSES-113NP
2015 Cotton Variety Testing and On-Farm Results

The official cotton variety testing program (OVT) evaluates the performance of commercial and experimental cotton varieties. Varieties were tested at four non-irrigated locations during 2015. All locations were planted using a two row Seed Research Equipment Solutions Classic Aire planter. All locations were harvested using a 2-row commercial cotton picker modified with a system to collect cotton in mesh bags for weighing or weigh on picker with electronic scales. The 2015 OVT received 33 entries from five seed companies. Each company was charged an entry fee for each hybrid per location entered. Eight extra varieties were entered in the Suffolk-TAREC location as part of a regional variety testing program protocol.

Feb 4, 2016 AREC-166NP