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Steven Heckendorn

Title Summary Date ID Author(s)
Laboratory Procedures: Virginia Tech Soil Testing Laboratory May 1, 2009 452-881
Soil Sample Information Sheet for Commercial Crop Production Apr 27, 2016 452-124 (CSES-159NP)
Soil Sample Information Sheet for Commercial Greenhouse and Nursery Production Sep 24, 2015 452-126(CSES-136NP)
Soil Sample Information Sheet for Golf Courses and Industrial Lawns Sep 24, 2015 452-128(CSES-139NP)
Soil Sample Information Sheet for Home Lawns, Gardens, Fruits, and Ornamentals Sep 24, 2015 452-125(CSES-138NP)
Soil Sample Information Sheet for Surface-Mined Areas Sep 24, 2015 452-127 (CSES-140NP)
Soil Sampling for the Home Gardener May 1, 2009 452-129
Soil Test Note #1 - Explanation of Soil Tests May 1, 2009 452-701
Soil Test Note #2 - Field Crops

Most Virginia soils are acidic and require lime applications at three- to five-year intervals. Maintaining the correct soil pH has several benefits, such as encouraging healthy root development and making sure nutrients in the soil are available to the plant. For example, low pH can cause aluminum toxicity and can decrease phosphorus availability. 

Sep 25, 2014 452-702 (CSES-100P)
Soil Test Note #4 - Trace Elements May 1, 2009 452-704
Soil Test Note 17: Lawn Fertilization for Cool Season Grasses May 1, 2009 452-717
Soil Test Note 18: Lawn Fertilization for Warm Season Grasses May 1, 2009 452-718
Soil Test Note 19: Vegetable and Flower Gardens (Supplement to Soil Test Report) May 1, 2009 452-719
Soil Test Note 20: Home Shrubs and Trees May 1, 2009 452-720
Soil Test Note 23: Christmas Tree Crops

Christmas trees, like any other crop, require balanced nutrition for best health and growth. Christmas trees are unique among most crops, though, since their value is based on their aesthetic quality and not their biomass yield. In order to assure balanced nutrition, it is necessary to insure that the soil contains enough available nutrients to satisfy the trees’ demands. Routine soil tests can provide this information for unplanted fields or plantations that have not been fertilized recently. Christmas tree fertilization is generally considered at the time a new crop is planted (Establishment) or periodically during the course of the rotation (Maintenance).

Jul 14, 2009 452-723
Soil Test Note 5: Fertilizing With Manures Aug 19, 2009 452-705
Soil Test Note No.3 - Liming and Fertilization of Cool-Season Forage Crops Aug 28, 2012 452-703 (CSES-16P)