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Alisha Farris

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Building Healthy Meals Together Jul 7, 2014 HNFE-111NP
Cook Together. Eat Together. Talk Together. Jul 7, 2014 HNFE-113NP
Fruits and Veggies Jul 7, 2014 HNFE-112NP
Let’s Move! Enjoy Moving as a Family Jul 7, 2014 HNFE-122NP
Milk Matters Jul 7, 2014 HNFE-88NP
Safe and Nutritious Seafood in Virginia

Consumers enjoy eating a variety of seafood and can find many choices of fresh as well as frozen seafood in the refrigerated and freezer cases of grocery stores. Seafood tastes good, is low in saturated fat, is an excellent source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, and helps in the prevention of heart disease. However, consumers want to feel confident that they are buying safe, high-quality seafood products. This publication provides the information you need to help ensure that the seafood you buy and consume is safe and nutritious. 

Jan 15, 2016 AREC-156P
Sink Those Germs! Food Safety Jul 7, 2014 HNFE-121NP
Whole Grains Jul 7, 2014 HNFE-76NP