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Heather Cox

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A Simple Switch: Choosing Low Fat Dairy

Mom makes the healthy choice to switch to low-fat dairy, and her family doesn't even notice the difference.

May 27, 2016 HNFE-377NP
Be Active Your Way Sep 19, 2013 HNFE-155NP
Benefits of Breakfast

Do you find making breakfast for your family hard? This video shows how to eat smart with quick, easy breakfast ideas to help your child succeed in school!

Aug 26, 2016 HNFE-394NP
Carol's Family Cuts Back on Sodium

Carol, mom of four, makes small changes to lower sodium in her family's meals.

May 27, 2016 HNFE-373NP
Choosing Healthier Beverages

Moms, use these tips for making healthier beverage choices for your children. In addition to water, learn about the benefits of milk and some other kid-friendly options to make choosing healthy beverages easier.

Aug 26, 2016 HNFE-396NP
Choosing Healthy Snacks Away from Home

Teach your growing kids how to make healthy snack choices away from home. As teens grow more independent, you can be reassured to know the healthy habits you help them create will stay with them.

Aug 26, 2016 HNFE-397NP
Choosing Healthy Snacks for Kids

Do you find making breakfast for your family hard? This video shows how to eat smart with quick, easy breakfast ideas to help your child succeed in school!

Aug 26, 2016 HNFE-398NP
Community Foods: Local Access to Affordable and Nutritious Food Sep 19, 2013 HNFE-156NP
Cooking for Beginners Apr 20, 2015 HNFE-278NP
Cooking with Kids Apr 20, 2015 HNFE-272NP
Cooking with Kids: Helping Kids Build Healthy Futures Apr 17, 2015 HNFE-277NP
Creating An Active Lifestyle For Your Family

Do you have a hard time getting your kids away from the TV and moving more every day? Try these strategies for teaching children to enjoy being active as a family.

Aug 26, 2016 HNFE-393NP
Drink for Your Health Sep 18, 2013 HNFE-165NP
Easy Ways to Eat Less Saturated Fats

It is easy to make simple shifts in your normal meals to lower the amount of saturated fat while keeping the food delicious.

May 27, 2016 HNFE-374NP
Easy Ways to Eat More Veggies May 26, 2016 VCEP-52NP
Enjoy Your Food But Eat Less Sep 19, 2013 HNFE-166NP
Food Diaries: Get in Control! Sep 23, 2013 HNFE-162NP
Food Safety Saves Lives Sep 19, 2013 HNFE-157NP
Fun and Easy Ways to Eat Fruits and Veggies

Watch for easy ways to add fruits and vegetables into your child's diet. A simple way to help them Eat Smart!

Aug 26, 2016 HNFE-399NP
Getting active with friends and family!

Do you find it difficult making time for exercise in your busy week? Taking care of your family and working can make regular physical activity seem unrealistic. Here are some ideas to help fit exercise into your busy schedule.

May 26, 2016 HNFE-371NP
Going Out on a Limb: Fruit Three Ways

A young mother describes three ways to incorporate fruits in different forms into her family's daily routine while including her children in the preparation process.

May 27, 2016 HNFE-379NP
Have No Fear, Oil is Here

It is easy to make simple shifts in your normal meals to lower the amount of saturated fat while keeping the food delicious.

May 27, 2016 HNFE-376NP
Healthier Choices for Happier Lives Sep 23, 2013 HNFE-168NP
Healthy Breakfasts On-the-Go Apr 17, 2015 HNFE-270NP
Healthy Snacks for Kids Apr 20, 2015 HNFE-271NP
How Can I Use My EBT Card at the Farmers Market Sep 19, 2013 HNFE-167NP
How to Influence Your Teens to Eat More Fruits & Vegetables

Do your teens make half their plate fruits and vegetables? This video will help motivate and empower you to help your teenagers eat more fruits and vegetables every day!

Aug 26, 2016 HNFE-395NP
Increasing Your Physical Activity Sep 19, 2013 HNFE-158NP
Keeping your Food and Family Safe Sep 18, 2013 HNFE-146NP
Kid Tested and Approved Sep 19, 2013 HNFE-159NP
Make Healthier Choices While Eating Fast Food Sep 18, 2013 HNFE-147NP
Making Cooking Fun! Apr 14, 2015 HNFE-269NP
Making MyPlate Your Plate Sep 20, 2013 HNFE-169NP
Making a Well balanced Breakfast for Kids

Watch and learn how to create a well-balanced breakfast your kids will enjoy. With these tips, your children can learn to create a protein-rich breakfast that offers choices from different MyPlate food groups.

Aug 26, 2016 HNFE-400NP
Making the Tasty Switch

How to create healthy beverages your kids will enjoy. Try the strategies suggested in this video to make the tasty switch from sugary drinks, like soda or sports drinks, to healthy, refreshing water.

Aug 26, 2016 HNFE-392NP
Mom: The Decision Maker Sep 18, 2013 HNFE-149NP
Move More Your Way Sep 20, 2013 HNFE-171NP
Moving More Everyday, Everywhere Sep 19, 2013 HNFE-154NP
Planning Ahead for Quick Dinners Apr 14, 2015 HNFE-268NP
Planning Healthy Meals at Home Sep 18, 2013 HNFE-150NP
Protein Doesn't Just Mean Meat

Interested in ways to add protein into your diet while reducing cost and fat? Then look beyond just meat!

May 27, 2016 HNFE-375NP
SMART Goals Sep 20, 2013 HNFE-163NP
Save Time Not Taste: Healthy Lunches for the Working Woman Apr 14, 2015 HNFE-276NP
Shopping on a Budget Sep 19, 2013 HNFE-151NP
Stretch Your Dollar, Switch to Water Sep 20, 2013 HNFE-161NP
Sweet Life – Reduce added sugar for a healthier life

You might be surprised to find out just how much sugar is hidden in the foods we love. Learn what to look for when reading nutrition labels and simple ways to eat smart by limiting added sugar.

May 27, 2016 HNFE-380NP
The Color of Health Sep 19, 2013 HNFE-152NP
The Family That Plays Together Has Fun

Many parents are busy during the week but activities like the ones in this video are easy and fun ways to get the whole family moving together.

Aug 26, 2016 HNFE-391NP
Tips for Eating Out Sep 20, 2013 HNFE-170NP
Trade Up for Healthier Options Sep 20, 2013 HNFE-164NP
Whole Grains for Your Whole Family Sep 19, 2013 HNFE-160NP
Whole Grains in Your Daily Life

Tips for family-friendly ways shift to eating more whole grains everyone will love.

May 27, 2016 HNFE-372NP
You Are What You Eat: Lessons in Labeling Sep 19, 2013 HNFE-153NP